In My Head: Music Videos

Music videos can have a dream-like magic few other forms of art can. Here are some to watch. |

It is so easy to churn out numbered lists of things that the form has become one of the internet’s junk foods. And yet, my head is full of them, all those memories and facts, and if this blog has any purpose it is to vocalize the contents of that place. So, a compromise: I present a list, but keep the words to single sentences that avoid the necessary obvious elaboration so easy to produce.


My favorite music video of all time - the energy and dissonance of the music brilliantly and simply captured in physical reality.
Tribal, psychedelic, beautiful, simple, silly - brilliant.
"It's like Karma Sutra meets Industrial Robotics" - unnervingly clean and dirty, perhaps too simple but clearly memorable.

LCD Soundsystem

Music videos have the potential to be short films that capture the spirit of the artist and the song, and this does both fantastically.
The choreographed moves of OK Go are fun, but how often have you seen choreographed chaos?


Probably my favorite work by Michael Gondry and one of my favorite uses of a single take -mind and reality and memories and the present and the future all at once like in nothing else.
The earliest music video I can remember going back to over and over and over again; it does the song justice, no easy feat.
Presumably because of the lighting, this being black and white just feels so purely right.

(House of Cards, Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Just, Wolf At the Door…)

Arcade Fire

Courtesy of Spike Jonze, another perfect music-video-short-film; just like the song, it manages to hit the same depths every time.
The best music-video-short-film I have seen, and the most emotionally resonant on this list.

David Lynch

For those who can find themselves utterly absorbed in the images of a projector when sitting in a dark room, unaware of the existence of the room or even themselves.
Not directed by Lynch but perfectly captures his wonderful strange-yet-clear surrealism.


A lot of videos have fantastic dancing, but what they lack is this video's level of lighting and cinematography.
Need I say anything?


A guy sitting cross-legged playing an acousting guitar surrounded by people in a gray room as it rains outside.


Regardless of whether a different music video was possible, the plain minimalism is perfect for this song and artist.


Seriously, what a great concept for a music video.

The Shoes

Well done video, fantastic juxtaposition.

The Chemical Brothers