Bunch of Engineering students working in their free time to build solar racing cars, basically from scratch


August 2012-May 2015


Many, many students from Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech


Because solar cars are cool, and we were the sort of students who did cool things in their free time


To work on the same team for four years, all during school, can you imagine? So many late nights, team dinners, missed deadlines. My involvement went up and down, and was varied - helping out the MechE people, debugging circuits, discussing design - but for the most part I did embedded programming, and ended up being software lead for two years (more or less). No one on the team can claim to have been great at meeting deadlines or not overcomplicating things, but in the end we did built a (very suboptimal) solar racing car. How did we get there? Very messily, and having made many mistakes. But, there is no doubt some of the most valuable experience I got at Tech was from working on the team - how do engineers learn to actually do anything if they don’t participate in such things in schools? Who knows.




  • An exciting day for the team, one of our first succesful drives
  • We tested the ability to drive for multiple hours, and it totally worked
  • Excited WiFi progress
  • This is how most work was actually done