Projects for Georgia Tech's Intro to AI class


August 2013-April 2015


Me, and about half a dozen other TAs


Georgia Tech


We gradually improved the projects to be more fun and pertinent


I TA’d Intro to AI at Georgia Tech for a total of 4 semester - 2 years. As far as they go, this was an easier class to TA; the projects were autograded, we only have two tests, we had no recitation, and so on. Still, as with all classes it was imperfect, and it was up to the TAs (directed by multiple professors) to perpetually tweak the class to make it better.

The most significant impact I made on the class has got to be helping to implement several new projects: Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Decision Trees, and Neural Nets. Though it may seem easy, writing good projects takes a lot of effort - the directions need to be clear, the autograder needs to work, the overall structure needs to make sense, and so much more. In fact, each of our projects was slightly broken when first released! But over time, we really polished them, and in retrospect I still feel pretty good about the work we did.