A library for hand tracking on Android


Oct 23, 2013


Me and Stefano Fenu


Georgia Tech, hackathon


Why sleep when one can try, and fail, to implement full hand tracking on Android to run on top of any app?


Another failed over-ambitious darling. Sketchit3D did not sufficiently humble me, and I got the idea of full on palm tracking instead of the quite lame alternative of colored blobs. And, you know what? We actually did get it to work. Not to work well, no, but we got Hough Cascade Classifiers to run in an Android app and detect whether my hand was closed or open. But, it did not work that well - we would need some nice initialization in a known location, regularization for lighting conditions, something like particle filters - much more than could be done in a night, in short. But, still, it ran.