Hi there. I am Andrey Kurenkov, a 24 year old grad student at Stanford that likes do research about AI and robotics, write code, appreciate art, and ponder about life. Currently, I am working towards a Masters in CS at Stanford, and am a research assitant at the Stanford Vision Lab with Animesh Garg and Silvio Savarase. This site documents my various projects, my blog writing (technical and not), and just for fun my photography.

“I love writing. I get a kick out of sharing my thoughts with others. The act of transforming ideas into words is an amazingly efficient way to solidify and refine your thoughts about a given topic. “ -Tom Preston (creator of Jekyll), Blogging Like a Hacker

If you are so curious, I am more specifically interested in:

  • machine learning (increasingly, the deep kind)
  • cinema (Tarkovsky, Aronofsky, Kaufman, Kurosawa, Bergman, Carruth, Kon, Miyazaki, Zvyagintsev, etc)
  • robotics (particularly, intelligent and responsive robotics that can interact with humans)
  • narrative-driven video games (all the indie stuff, and the Mass Effect-type stuff, and so on)
  • energy efficiency and management (this is what led me to my EE degree, and though I dislike power engineering I care about systems that use a lot of energy)
  • books (hard science fiction, modernist, some post-modernist, some pre-modernist)
  • programming (especially embedded programming, but also scripting and hackathon types things as well)

As you can see by all that, I have a habit for overlong self-indulgent writing heavy on parenthesis, so I decided to start writing down some of my thoughts in this site with intention of becoming a better and faster writer. And for fun, too.